Olympic Hot Springs, WA

One thing I enjoy visiting so many different locations is getting to contrast the many different types of natural environments. For example, no two forests are alike. Each time I hike another trail, I see plants, animals, rocks, and skies that thrill me with the surprise of their very existence!  That said, Olympic National Park is truly special. It contains several very distinct ecosystems, incredible biodiversity, and fairytale feels. One moment you can be hiking through temperate rainforest, lush with berries and fungus. Climb a little higher up the trail and it suddenly becomes rocky alpine terrain. 

The hike to Olympic Hot Springs travels through lower forest filled with 200 year old fir, hemlock, and cedar. The peaceful pools sit high above Boulder Creek which was charging with spring vigor when I visited in April. The trail and access road have sustained recent storm damage, so check closures before going.






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