Ein Gedi, Israel Part 1: Hidden Waterfall

There are two canyons to hike at Ein Gedi park: Nahal David which is beautiful but offers few opportunities to get in the water and Nahal Arugot. Within only a couple miles of the dry desert trailhead, the Nahal Arugot becomes lush, narrow and a joy to explore. Walk through the water or along the rim but be sure to continue at least the easy couple of miles to Hidden Waterfall. The walls of the canyon form a cool sanctuary from the desert heat and the falling water provides a free massage. After a hike this is the PERFECT bath!

From the trailhead to the waterfall and back can be done in less than three hours. If you have more time, Ein Gedi is a hiker’s paradise and longer routes are available. I was able to see most of the park by ascending Nahal David and descending Nahal Arugot. More information on this route in a future post 🙂


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