Granite Creek Hot Springs, WY

Back in the 1933 the Civilian Corp of Engineers built a large cement pool here and today it’s still in operation by the Forest Service as a fee site. It’s a beautiful pool with quite a view and the river water is added to make the pool cooler in the summer, especially for the many families with children who come here. What I’m trying to say is… there’s a crowd! However, only 15min walking down river from the main pool is Granite Creek Falls Hot Spring. The trail begins right next to to the sign pictured in this post.  Just past the impressive falls, turn right down a steep spur and follow it down to to the river. Here, hot water spills out of the hillside and into volunteer constructed rooms pools along the bank. Unfortunately, I arrived a little too early in the season and the pools were still inundated by the raging river. ​Look for Granite Creek Falls Hot Spring revenge in a future post ;)​​

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