Ein Sedek Hot Spring, Dead Sea, Israel

This is a special place. A quiet, secluded beach on the Dead Sea with stunning views across the sea to Jordan and… hot springs!? The sulfurous water comes out really hot and the large pool at the top made with sandbags was too much for me. I found a lower pool which was to my liking and settled in to watch the low rays of the fading sun illuminate the mountains. After the sun went down, the sweet few that had found this place conspired by campfires and sang songs. We floated in the shallow water at the edge of the sea where the hot water trickled in, moving back and forth, higher and lower in the water to find just the right equilibrium of hot and cold, salt and sulfur. 

Unfortunately, the Dead Sea is dying and currently receding at the rate of about three feet per year. Visit this link to learn more and consider… how do humans impact the landscape?


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