About BathtubEarth:

BathtubEarth is a place to learn about connecting with the earth by getting in the water. Here you can find pictures and information on many ways to experience natural waters such as hot springs, cold springs, swimming holes, beaches and more. 

These experiences range from difficult hikes to posh resorts, but there is something for everyone. The aim is to inspire you to get out there and see these places for yourself!  By connecting with nature this way, we can learn much about ourselves and develop profound respect for the environment.


About me:

I was born in Denver, CO and spent my childhood exploring the southwest. Nearly twenty years ago a friend brought me to a hot spring in the San Luis Valley and life would never be the same. From then on, every adventure was planned around hot springs. In seeking out these places, I have consulted many maps, spent long hours researching online, driven many hours, and overcome many obstacles! However, I have also seen more beauty than I could describe in ten thousand posts and learned so much along the way. I look forward to continuing this exploration and hope to see you down the trail!