Hike to Rekyjadalur, a hot river in Iceland

A 3km hike from the trailhead leads to Rekyjadalur, a hot river near Hveragerði, Iceland. To find the trailhead, turn NE off of 1 (the ring road) onto Breiðamörk (the main road through Hveragerði) and follow it all the way to it’s end. The trail is easy to follow, even through the snow, and overlooks the canyon, Djúpagil, with a beautiful view of Djúpagilsfoss waterfall. Be sure to read the warnings and stay on the route as it passes through a steaming valley of dangerously hot seeps before arriving at the hot river. When you arrive at the river, there is a beautifully constructed walkway and areas to change or stash your belongings. Find a spot where the temperature is to your liking and enjoy the bath! 

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